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Can Modern Monetary Theory save the post Covid-19 global economy?

In this episode of the #mastersoffinancepodcast we have a look at Modern Monetary Theory which basically says the government deficits are lot less relevant than a household deficit because they can pay their debts with the money they print. There's a lot more to it than that and we have a look at why the purpose of deficits matter and some interesting policy ideas for governments of the future. #havealisten

Links to things mentioned in this episode:

Clarke & Dawe – Quantitative Easing -

Between universalism and targeting: Exploring policy pathways for an Australian Basic Income -

Please read and acknowledge the following before listening to this episode. This podcast is for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute financial advice or financial product advice. To receive personal financial advice or financial product advice you must first receive a Statement of Advice (SoA). You must also receive, read and understand the Product Disclosure Statement/s (PDS) of any products you are considering to ensure the product/s is suited to your needs before acting. We may discuss products, services and answer listener questions on this podcast for entertainment & illustration purposes only. We may change the name of the questioner for anonymity. It is impossible to give you personal advice on an entertainment podcast as we do not know the details of your personal financial situation.

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