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Are investors rational or irrational? InvestMENT decision making based on InvestOR beliefs

For those that loved our podcast titled Biased Much?, here is the follow-up with DR Paul Moran. Paul has completed his doctorate in behavioral finance which looked at whether investors behaved rationally based on their beliefs, and were their beliefs rational in the first place? #havealisten

Find out more about Paul Moran at or find him on LinkedIn.

Please read and acknowledge the following before listening to this episode. This podcast is for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute financial advice or financial product advice. To receive personal financial advice or financial product advice you must first receive a Statement of Advice (SoA). You must also receive, read and understand the Product Disclosure Statement/s (PDS) of any products you are considering to ensure the product/s is suited to your needs before acting. We may discuss products, services and answer listener questions on this podcast for entertainment & illustration purposes only. We may change the name of the questioner for anonymity. It is impossible to give you personal advice on an entertainment podcast as we do not know the details of your personal financial situation.

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